Alison Gibson

“The Attitude it is easy to  put on and off on the chair and easy to control.
It is a very sweet ride over the grass and when crossing roads… great bike."

Phil Hoog

"t’s absolutely amazing, the sense of speed and freedom on this bike is pretty cool – I’m able to tazz along at 12, 13mph pretty much effortlessly."

Manual, power or hybrid options are available!

Three Quickie Attitude hand bikes, one of which will be perfect for your needs. Looking to exercise? The Attitude Manual is all powered by your propulsion. Looking for power for longer distances? The Attitude Power will allow you cruise to your hearts content. Want rehab and exercise in one package? The Attitude Hybrid is the one for you. The Attitude wheelchair hand bike series opens up a world of possibilities to live life with no limits.

For those who like to get out and about. With 100% powered propulsion, you can hit off-road terrain or experience the open road at exhilarating speeds of up to 23kph. Attitude Power with the Tiga gives you pure enjoyment with ease and comfort.

    Powerful 250 watt motor with 23 kph top speed.
    The ergonomic handle bar is height adjustable via the stem. The display shows a range of driving options.
    9 Ah or 13,4 Ah Lithium-Ion battery for large driving range. Lithium-Ion batteries have no memory effect.
    The bright front light is powered directly from the battery.

Combining all of the health benefits of manual cycling with the reliability of powered propulsion. The Attitude Hybrid has the best of both worlds. It can be ridden as a manual bike for exercising and has the power feature. The automatic motor smoothly engages when you start to cycle and enables you to keep up on faster bike rides, tackle rough terrain and steep inclines whenever you encounter a tricky hill climb.

    Bespoke built frame to ensure optimum position for cycling, hand bike camber bar provides the front wheel traction that is needed.
    Powerful 250 watt motor with 23 kph top speed.
    Trigger / Grip shift gear shifters with 10 gearing speeds.
    14,5 Ah Lithium-Ion battery for improved range performance. The display shows the battery capacity remaining.
    The ergonomic handle position prevents contact with your body particularly when manoeuvring around corners.

“Using the Attitude in conjunction with my Tiga wheelchair is absolutely amazing.... The sense of speed and freedom is cool.”
Phil Hogg

On and off in three little steps

The Attitude bike locks securely to the front of your chair in three easy steps. No parts, no mess, no fuss.

Quickie Wheelchair Hand Bikes I Attitude Hand Bike
1. Lock in the docking pins.
Quickie Wheelchair Hand Bikes I Attitude Hand Bike
2. Swing the upper docking connector downwards.
Quickie Wheelchair Hand Bikes I Attitude Hand Bike
3. Lock the connection by pulling the red lever.

Which wheelchairs can I use the Attitude hand bikes with?

The Attitude range of wheelchair hand bikes are compatible with the following RGK active wheelchairs that have a fixed-front frame  and a frame width of 28 cm to 46 cm:

  • Tiga
  • Tiga Sub4
  • Tiga fx
  • HiLite
  • Octane Sub4
  • Chrome

Do you need help with funding your RGK chair?

There are a few different ways in which you can try to get funding for your wheelchair. These choices include NHS Wheelchair Services, Access to Work and charities. To learn more about who these services are, the eligibility criteria required and how you can apply for the scheme, please click below to access our funding page.

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