Technical Specifications

The ‘REAL’ Made To Measure

Only RGK offers the Real Made to Measure with over 30 different measurements to personalise and create the perfect fit wheelchair for you.

Revolutionary Q-lock Folding Front Design

With the new and improved design, the Q-LockTM transforms a lightweight rigid chair into one that can fit into an airline locker or just a small space, without compromising on rigidity.

* May not fit into all overhead lockers, please check with the airline prior to travel.

The Highest Quality Materials

The Octane FX uses grade 9 titanium which is the highest quality of titanium and ensures a lightweight, and durable frame with a super smooth ride.

Ultra Lightweight

Weighing at just 5.5kg*, this is the ultimate wheelchair for the active lifestyle, making it effortless to transfer into the car or to push long distances.

*Transport weight excluding wheels and cushion, and based on 400mm wide seat.


Don’t take the risk, take the FXThe Octane FX folds into a size that can fit into most airline overhead lockers. So when you get to your destination, you don’t need to worry if your wheelchair made it in one piece, or at all!

* May not fit into all overhead lockers, please check with the airline prior to travel.


Take more with youWhether you are going on holiday or have a small car, the Octane FX folds up so you can make room for more important things in your life.

Key Features Overview


Do What You Want To DoYour chair is an extension of you and allows you to get on with life whether it’s chilling out or working hard.


Meet Sophie CarrigillParalympian, Role Model and all-round superstar!
Sophie has a Spinal Cord Injury and does not mess around when it comes to living life.
She not only plays wheelchair basketball for her country, but has a degree in Sports Psychology and is becoming a positive public figure for women everywhere.
Oh, and she also happens to be an RGK ambassador!

Sophie’s Octane FX

Why did she get an OctaneFX?

"Over the years of being in a wheelchair I’ve realised what is most important to me. It has to be super streamlined, it needs to fit me snugly and be elegant in its appearance. As an athlete, your body naturally changes and it's amazing to have the ability to fine tune my measurements to the millimeter. I wanted a more compact chair overall and because I travel so much, the Octane FX was the perfect choice."

What was the end result?

"I didn't think I would be able to improve my seating position until I got into my new Octane FX. It fits me perfectly, and I feel so much more confident in myself. I never thought small changes would have such a big impact day to day. It's easier to push, lighter and now I can fold it up and take it everywhere! Plus it's so pretty... I honestly feel amazing in my Octane FX"

- Sophie Carrigill

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Why choose made to measure?

    Over 30 individual measurements are taken of the user for the wheelchair, so that it fits their individual requirements.
    A wide range of ergonomic options are available to provide optimum comfort, balance and posture.
    The lightest possible solution is achieved using individual measurements.

The effects

    Sitting in the correct position can significantly reduce the risks of developing pressure related issues in the short and long term. Good health helps promote a more active lifestyle which in turn can positively impact a user’s well-being.
    Feeling comfortable increases confidence which helps the user to achieve an active lifestyle. The likelihood of developing prolonged discomfort, pain and persistent injuries are significantly reduced.
    The user and wheelchair work in complete unison. This reduces the amount of energy needed to propel and in turn increases the wheelchair’s efficiency to maximize the user’s abilities.

Key Features

Grade 9 Titanium Frame

Titanium has a far greater durability compared to steel and aluminium. It also has a natural shock absorption to soak up road vibration and is very resistant to corrosion.

RGK lightweight foldable travel wheelchair

Fold Flat Sideguards

The mounting of the fold flat guides has been redesigned to be welded directly to the frame with lightweight titanium plates.

RGK lightweight foldable travel wheelchair

Updated QLock System

The Q-Lock design has been updated to greatly improve the strength, reliability and usability of the mechanism.

RGK lightweight foldable travel wheelchair

Low Profile Castor Housing

The titanium castor housing has been designed to be a sealed assembly, this prevents dirt or moisture interfering with the bearings.

RGK lightweight foldable travel wheelchair

Airtech Technology

Tension adjustable backrest and centre pad, including mesh cover panels, for better support and positioning with breathable material to keep you cool.

Do you need help with funding your RGK chair?

There are a few different ways in which you can try to get funding for your wheelchair. These choices include NHS Wheelchair Services, Access to Work and charities.

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