The WheelDrive offers extra pushing power when propelling as well as allowing you to continuously drive without self-propelling due to the unique double rim system.

The WheelDrive stimulates active movement, while strain on muscles and joints is reduced. The driving characteristics of the WheelDrive are easy to program according to your choice. Difficult slopes, thresholds or manoeuvring in a small space, you decide the support your need.

Wheel Drive

Technical Specifications

The WheelDrive is a unique power add on wheel, with dual rim technology. A combination of power assistance and continuous push wheel drive.

  • Max. speed forward = 10km/h (assist rim); 6km/h (drive rim)
  • Max. range = 20km* (assist rim); 12km* (drive rim)
  • Max. load capacity = 130kg
  • Total extra width compared to manual wheels (set) = 43mm
  • Weight of batteries (set) = 3.6kg
  • Total weight including battery (one wheel) = 11.5kg
  • Transport weight excluding battery (one wheel) = 9.7kg
  • Wheel diameter = 24”
  • Crash tested

*Max. range is dependant on user weight, driving programme, weather and road conditions, condition of battery and tyres, etc)


Dual Rim Technology

You can naturally switch between both rims, so you’ll always get the support required.


It has a traditional power assist rim which provides extra assistance when pushing. This means you can go further and faster per push - reducing strain on your body and leaving you with energy for your day.


Unique to the WheelDrive, the inner rim produces a continuous drive option for when you‘re feeling tired of pushing. This allows you to reserve your energy for the day ahead.

Wheel Drive
Wheel Drive

Intuitive to use

Functional buttons

With an easily accessible power button, you can simply switch the system on and off and set your driving profile with three different speeds.

Roll back stop

When propelling up a hill with the outer rim, the WheelDrive enables a roll back stop. The roll back stop allows you to position your hands for the next push without rolling back which will improve comfort and safety when travelling uphill.

Downhill speed limiter

The WheelDrive provides a top speed cut out. When travelling down a hill, the WheelDrive keeps a consistent speed which keeps you in control. This maintains your safety and confidence in downhill driving.

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